Yesterday and last week, our Middle School students and Vietnamese Studies teachers enjoyed a bit of a fun time with pottery making at Bopbi House – Pottery studio. These field trips served as opportunities for our students to learn something new outside the classroom and bond with their classmates as well as teachers. At the end of these field trips, it is evident that TAS Mustangs also have some art skills up their sleeves, proven by the beautiful pottery products that they created.

A student was deeply focused on making his pottery product.
Students posed for a photo amidst the pottery making session.
A teacher was instructing a student how to better shape his pottery product.
The final products of a group of students.
Another group of students were learning how to shape their pottery products from a Bopbi House employee.
Students and teachers were discussing with one another during the session.
Another group of students posed for a photo after they have completed their pottery making.
The pottery products of some other students.