Admissions Procedures

The American School is dedicated to providing a quality American education that ensures academic success for all students accepted into the TAS learning community. To qualify for admission, students must demonstrate high learning aptitude, excellent behavior, and a strong commitment toward academic excellence. The admissions procedures are as follows:


The Admissions team provides in-depth consultation to parents and students about the program of study at The American School (TAS) and the admission requirements. Following a consultation with an Admissions counselor, a placement test will be arranged for those students whose academic performance at their current/previous school(s) meets minimum requirements.


Placement testing is required for all students applying for admission. The Placement Test includes the following components:

  • English Language Test to measure the student’s reading comprehension, writing accuracy, speaking fluency, and listening comprehension levels.
  • Mathematics Test to assess the student’s knowledge of math concepts and skills.

As part of the Admissions process, the EAL teacher will conduct a 15-minute interview with each student following placement testing.


In addition to placement testing, students applying for admission are required to submit official report cards or transcripts to show academic history.

  • For students in grade 1 and 2, the most recent report cards is required.
  • For students in grade 3-5, the most recent two years of report cards must be submitted.
  • For students in middle school and high school, the most recent 3 years of report cards/transcripts are required.


Based on the results of placement testing, the content of academic records, and the outcome of the personal interview, the Admissions Team will make a final admission decision within 3 working days from the time the placement test is completed and academic records are submitted. The Admissions Team consists of the Admissions Manager, EAL Teacher, Math Teacher, and Principal. A formal Offer of Admission will be sent to parents whose children qualify for admission.


Upon receiving the Offer of Admission, parents must complete the Enrollment Application for their child and submit it to the Admissions Department for processing.


Once the student has been offered admission to The American School (TAS), parents can secure a place at the school for their child by depositing the registration fee within one week from the date of the Offer of Admission. This registration fee demonstrates a commitment to enroll at The American School (TAS) and the registration fee is non-refundable.