Admissions Procedures

The American School is dedicated to providing a quality American education that ensures academic success for all students accepted into the TAS learning community. TAS has rolling enrollment throughout the year and the Admissions Team is committed to providing a supportive, seamless experience. We look for students who demonstrate good learning aptitude, excellent behavior, and a strong commitment toward academic excellence. The admissions procedures are as follows:


You may do your own research through our TAS website or speak to one of our Admissions Team personally. Or if you are already living in Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC), you may take advantage of visiting the school for a consultation regarding the program of study at The American School (TAS), the admission requirements and taking a tour of the innovative new campus.


  1. Application form
  2. Application fee
  3. Scan of child’s passport or birth certificate or ID
  4. Recent digital passport photo
  5. Two years’ previous school records, transcripts and any standardized assessment reports, Notarized English translation of these documents is required (where applicable)
  6. TAS Recommendation Form (will be provided to you by the TAS Admissions Team)
  7. Completed TAS medical report with immunization history record

3. PLACEMENT ASSESSMENT (if applicable)

It may be determined from the application documentation that your child needs to have a placement assessment as a part of the application process, either for English or academic skills. The Admissions Team would update you if this is required and make arrangements for the assessment. If living in HCMC, it will be done on the campus. If living overseas, it can be done as a remote assessment by our testing teacher. The following may be assessments that are required:

  • WIDA English Language assessment to measure the student’s reading comprehension, writing accuracy, speaking fluency, and listening comprehension levels.
  • Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) which measures where your child fits with the TAS Benchmark for Language and Math.


Based on all submitted documentation and any assessments needing to be done, the Head of Section will provide an admissions decision within 3 working days provided an application fee has already been submitted.


The Admissions Team will provide you with an official Acceptance Letter, providing information and links for Fee Options, Meal Plans and Bus Registration.


Once the student has been provided with an acceptance to The American School (TAS), parents can secure a place at the school for their child by depositing the registration fee within one week (5 working days) from receipt of the invoice. This registration fee demonstrates a commitment to enroll at The American School (TAS) and the registration fee is non-refundable.