Mr. Grant Moxham

Mathematics Teacher

  • Master of Education – Framingham State University
  • Bachelor of Arts – Gordon College
  • Licensed Educator – Florida State Department of Education

Who am I?

I was born and raised in rural New Jersey. I worked as a carpenter every summer until I left for college in Massachusetts. I continued working for many years as a carpenter on the old New England homes. I decided to become a teacher, and moved to South Korea where I taught for ten years. I have lived in HCMC for two years now, and I’m very happy. I love music and cooking and chess.

My Educational Philosophy:

I believe in empowering the learner with confidence through mastery and challenge. It is important for me to share the joy I find in learning with my students. I think risk and discovery are tremendous teachers in the classroom. I look forward to learning more each and every day as I progress through life. I feel lucky to have found such an exciting nuanced job like teaching.

My Priorities at the American School (TAS):

  • To show my students the many ways to an answer, never tell
  • To challenge each and every student at their appropriate level to ensure continued growth and progress
  • To bring out the fun and joy in my subject; to ignite a passion for problem solving and to instill a never say die attitude when it comes to challenge

Fun Fact:

I have bolted my own outdoor rock climbing route on a cliff hanging over the sea.