Mr. Andrew Newton

Learning Support Teacher

  • Diploma in Computing Systems, Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science & International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington
  • CELTA certificate
  • Masters’ degree in Special Education, Moreland University


I grew up in a small town in New Zealand, but have been living and teaching in Vietnam for over 12 years, where I’ve settled down, gotten married, and become a father. My interests include politics, philosophy, psychology, sports science, health and nutrition and more, and in my free time I’m usually playing with my son, lifting weights, and reading and writing about various academic topics.


Each and every student possesses their own unique needs, interests, and aptitudes, and similarly every teacher brings their own unique style and attitude to the classroom. While the approaches a teacher takes to each student and to the art of teaching as a whole need to account and adjust for their one of a kind character and characteristics, there are broadly speaking a set of values and ideals that I believe provide the greatest path to success. It is my belief that the best educational outcomes are achieved through a combination of:

A. Carefully designed lesson plans and materials developed to engage students and incrementally challenge them in a manner that scaffolds their growth towards greater achievement in a logical progression,

B. Delivered passionately and enthusiastically by teachers who set high standards for themselves and their pupils, who seek to act as positive role models, embodying the values of integrity, empathy, authenticity, respect, leadership, diligence and conscientiousness,

C. To students who are given the support, encouragement and opportunity to explore, investigate, research and create both independently and in small groups, to develop skills of self-reflection and teamwork, self-reliance and self-confidence through the frequent inclusion of student centered and active learning activities,

D. In a positive environment that strikes the right balance – for the unique makeup and attitude of each particular class – between the openness and tolerance and freedom that fosters creativity and inspiration and self-expression, and the structures and routines and order that promote consistency, cohesion and timely task completion, and which provide students with appropriate boundaries and expectations conducive to their success.

As a teacher I strive to instantiate these values in my classrooms, to perpetually refine and improve the manner in which I do so, to learn from others how these can be better achieved and to mentor others and share my own experiences and advice in turn. Though teachers we may be, we ourselves must forever remain students.

Additionally, I firmly believe that our roles as teachers is to teach students how to think, not what to think.


Although I am from New Zealand and might look the part, I’m not a rugby player, and have never actually played the game. I have done some boxing in the past though.