Mr. William Alread

College Counselor

Education and Certification:

  • Master of Science – Guidance & Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
  • School Counselor Certification – New York State
  • Public School Teacher Certification K-12 – New York City

Who Am I?

I was born and raised in New York State, USA. I have worked as a school counselor in New York City and Kansas. I relocated to Vietnam in 2012. I taught IELTS for six years and it was an enjoyable experience. In addition to teaching, I learned quite a bit from my students.

My Educational Philosophy:

I believe in and respect a school climate that is welcoming to all, a place where each student’s individual uniqueness is respected and nurtured, a place where they dare to be creative, think outside of the box, and express their views and opinions with confidence and pride. When educational communities foster and encourage a collaborative environment where students want to strive individually, but also help others to grow and succeed, great academic achievements and rewarding personal outcomes can be achieved.

What I Will Bring to TAS:

I would like to bring my acquired knowledge and educational background to TAS and help the students realize their academic goals and to assist them with their personal development. I am passionate in the belief that education can change young lives. I look forward to working with everyone at TAS and being a part of the vision to see the students succeed and to see the school grow.

A Little Bit About My Personal Life:

I enjoy being with my wife and going out to try new food and drinks together. We go to Dong Thap when we can to spend time with family. I really enjoy walking around and meeting new people and sharing experiences together. I also enjoy playing chess, swimming and hiking.