Mr. Jason Bednarz

Science Teacher

    • State of Connecticut educator certification in Biology grades 7-12 and General Science middle school
    • MEd Secondary Education, The College of New Jersey
    • Certificate in Secondary Education, The College of New Jersey
    • IDLTM: International Diploma in Language Teaching Management
    • DELTA: Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
    • BS Forest Management, University of New Hampshire


  • WHO AM I?

    Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, I spent time in various other states before first traveling to Vietnam in 2005. I have a background in science teaching, but have spent most of the past 15 years supporting EAL students across both high school and university settings. When I am not teaching I prefer to spend time with my family traveling in search of the best bowl of noodles in Vietnam.


    I find that students benefit greatly when science objectives are balanced with literacy development. When it comes to science assessment, I want to ensure that my students are developing a communicative competence in relation to course concepts. To do this we will firstly develop science reading and research skills as a foundation. Only then can students show their abilities to develop scientific explanations and engage in argumentation, as well as effectively design and carry out their own investigations.

    In today’s world, education needs to develop 21st century skills that are transferable; skills that students can go on to successfully apply in university and the workplace. That’s why in the science classroom we focus on communicative teamwork and projects which allow students to build autonomous cooperative learning habits they will carry with them throughout their journey of lifelong learning.