Mr. Lafe Conger

ECC Department Head/Pre-Kindergarten Teacher/AP Coordinator

  • Master’s Degree – Educational Leadership – University of TX Permian Basin
  • Bachelor’s Degree – Education – Tennessee Tech. University
  • Associates Degree – Science – Pellissippi State University
  • Certificate of Teaching – Early Years – 8th – State of Arizona, U.S.A.


Born and raised in the Southern United States (Kennesaw, Georgia), I have raised a middle child with two sisters and a hardworking single Mom. I was lucky enough in my childhood and in my young adulthood to be exposed to a series of fantastic mentors, whether that be my parents, teachers, or bosses. They taught me the value of hard work, perseverance, effort, and humility. I have used those lessons as almost a compass while pursuing different avenues in my life; professional Muay Thai career, working in a Trauma 1 Emergency Department, managing a FedEx facility, leading the Sales Department during my retail experience, and of course, over 12 years in the Education field. All of these different experiences have added to the well of information I am lucky enough to be able to draw from during my time here at The American School.


I’ve never been a big fan of blending in, and as a result, had my fair share of run-ins with school administrators growing up. Those events are actually what grew my interest in pursuing education as a career. The kids that stand apart need the same amount of help from us that the others do. I want to help those and all other students create and enjoy the type of school experience they deserve; one that is unique, enjoyable, and they can look back on and smile. My philosophy is pretty simple: Help provides a safe and community-based atmosphere that will give these students their best chance to learn.


• Assist the students in building the school they desire and will be proud to be a part of
• Building a Legacy here at TAS; Reasons to Come, Reasons to Stay and Reasons to Return
• Providing a safe and comfortable space for the students to feel OK expressing who they are and what they’re all about
• Increasing Unity between all internal and external stakeholders of TAS

I was the 4th-grade Spelling Bee Champion of Cobb County, GA