Welcome back to school, Mustangs! TAS opened our campus doors to welcome our students back to school yesterday, and we were beyond happy to see them back here at TAS after such a long summer break. A new academic year has started, and we are looking forward to many more exciting activities just like the previous years! Let’s go, Mustangs!

Elementary School students lined up before following their teachers to the classroom.
Some Middle School-High School students had a chat before coming to class.
Ms. Innessa Farren - Grade 1A teacher - greeted her students.
A student was sanitizing her hands with the help of a security guard before entering the campus.
A student and his mother were instructed to enter the campus.
Grade 2A students lined up before entering the classroom.
Grade 1A students gathered together for an activity on the first day of school.
Some ECC kids were making new friends with one another.