Welcome back to school, TAS Grade 9 and Grade 12 students! We were so happy to see our Mustangs back at campus on January 05, 2022. Maintaining a safe learning environment is always our top priority; therefore, all TAS students, teachers, and staff have to comply with COVID-19 safety precautions procedure before and after entering the campus. TAS hopes our students and teachers had a wonderful first day of offline learning.

A student was waiting to scan the QR code for health declaration.
A student was scanning the QR code for health delaration.
Another student was following Covid precaution at the front entrance.
A TAS teacher was scanning the QR code at the back entrance.
A security guard was checking a teacher's temperature at the back entrance.
Security guard was helping a parent with entering the campus.
The SLT team was discussing the first day of offline learning