2024 marks a significant moment in our journey towards educational excellence as we introduce the newest addition to our leadership team, heralding a new era of innovation and progress at TAS.

We extend a warm welcome to our new leader:

Mr. Van Xuan Thien (John Van) – Chairman of the Board

This appointment marks not only a change in leadership but a bold shift in direction and operation. With his distinguished backgrounds and unwavering commitment to excellence, he will bring fresh perspectives and invaluable expertise to guide us forward.

Mr. Thien shares his vision for attaining the highest educational standards, empowering our dearest students with enhanced access to top-tier universities in the U.S.

In tandem with these changes, we are preparing to unveil a host of initiatives aimed at enhancing the student experience and fostering stronger ties with our community. From innovative educational programs to strategic partnerships with prestigious global institutions, we are committed to elevating TAS to new heights of a renowned American school in HCMC.

With full confidence in our new leadership and the direction we are heading, we invite you to join us on this journey of academic distinction, personal growth, and collective success.

With warmest regards,