TAS Tet Performance 2022 taking place on January 21, 2022 at our front lobby was such a memorable event. Our talented students, teachers, and teaching assistants gave their all on the stage and wowed the whole audience with amazing performances that truly celebrated the spirit of Tet. We wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and a wonderful Tet Holiday. 

A student played the flute to start the performances.
"Sai Gòn Đẹp Lắm" dance number.
A student - Ben Pham - performed his own written song.
A group of students performed the song "Như Hoa Mùa Xuân".
Three twelfth graders performed the famous Vietnamese song "Khúc Giao Mùa" .
An eleventh grader performed "Fly Me To The Moon" while her teachers played the background music.
TAS teaching assistants banded to perform "Em Chào Tết"
The show closed out with a beautiful "Auld Lang Syne" rendition from TAS choir, ensemble, and MSHS teachers.