The American School Partners with YASMUN: Mustangs Explore Global Issues at Mock MUN

TAS proudly supports student growth and development through strategic partnerships. This past weekend, our Mustangs participated in a Model United Nations (MUN) experience hosted by the Youth Assembly Singapore Model United Nations (YASMUN).

YASMUN’s Mock MUN embraced a spirit of collaboration, fostering a friendly and adaptable environment. This event provided a valuable platform for students to develop their critical thinking, public speaking, and negotiation skills while engaging with global issues.

Mustangs delved into pressing topics related to the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (UNCSTD). Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, formulating policies that bridge the science and technology gap is crucial for developing nations. Our students actively participated in thought-provoking discussions, tackling pivotal issues concerning sustainable development and the responsible integration of technology.

The TAS community commends the organizers of YASMUN’s Mock MUN for creating a stimulating and enriching experience. The event fostered valuable teamwork and insightful discussions, leaving a lasting impression on our participating Mustangs.

This collaboration exemplifies TAS’s commitment to providing students with real-world learning opportunities and encouraging them to become responsible global citizens.