TAS Summer Program 2022 started today, and we were so excited to welcome both TAS students and students from outside the school to join this much anticipated program. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 participated in various classes pertaining to their grade. Overall, we hope this first day of the 4-week long Summer Program 2022 brought all of the students much joy and useful knowledge.

The day started with an attendance check.
Grade 11 - 12 students attended SAT class.
Grade 4 - 5 students enjoyed a bit of a fun activity in the afternoon.
Grade 2 - 3 students also had more interesting activities in the afternoon.
Grade 2 - 3 students were captivated by coloring planets in the solar system.
Grade 11 - 12 students were deeply focused on the SAT lessons.
A student was coloring her solar system project.
The Math Mastery class in the morning for Grade 8 - 10 students.