TAS Spirit Day 2021 – 2022 on April 29, 2022 was such a blast! It was beyond amazing to see our Middle School and High School students try their best in all the activities they competed in. From sports games such as Basketball, Dodgeball, Badminton,… to non-sports challenges including Escape Room, Board Games, Karaoke, Poster Competition, Charades,… our students always brought their A-game.

In the end, Phoenix house were declared champions and emerged victorious by a narrow margin. We guess that the hottest flames really do burn blue. Congratulations to Phoenix and the rest of the Houses for all of your efforts today. And special thanks to the teachers and staff who helped make this TAS traditional event a success.

The event day started with electric House performances, including an impressive number from Pegasus.
"Escape Room" was one of the non-sports activities during Block 1 of the event day.
"Poster Competition" was also an exciting non-sports activity during Block 1.
Basketball was one of the sports that drew students in for lively competition.
During "Board Games" session, students played Uno and tried to gain points for their Houses.
Dodgeball was also an exciting sport for student to compete in.
Charades was another engaging non-sports activity that tested the rapport among members of the same House.
The afternoon saw some amazing students competing in badminton games.
For "Brain Games", some students challenged themselves with building a bridge from wooden sticks.
Members of Phoenix house rushed to the stage to celebrate their victory after their House was declared champions.