Yesterday morning, August 17, 2022, TAS gladly welcomed our new students, their parents, and previously-Grade 5 students who were transitioning to Grade 6 to the much anticipated Orientation Day. This small event was designed to help our newly joined Mustangs and new middle schoolers get used to a new learning environment and receive important information for their journey ahead at TAS.

The highlight of the event was the meeting with the Technology Coordinator inside the Auditorium. Students were assisted with the initial login to the school email system and instructed on Google Classroom procedures, while parents were guided on how to log in to the school’s Plusportals system to access information. We hope this day was beneficial for both students and parents as they start a new chapter at TAS.

Students and parents were deeply focused in getting the necessary information regarding school systems.
Some students chose to sit together during the meeting in the Auditorium.
The Technology Coordinator was presenting about the Plusportals system.
The Auditorium was the perfect venue for this event.
The overview of the meeting.
The meeting proved to be full of important information.