Today, February 21, 2022, marks the start of a series of MasterChef classes here at TAS, where our Middle School and High School students got the chance to learn how to make a spaghetti sauce that dates back 400 years ago. This activity is part of our Social Studies curriculum, in which students learn about the world’s history and all interesting aspects surrounding this topic. The first MasterChef sessions prove to be an exciting and engaging experience, and we can’t wait to see what our Mustangs can come up with next.

Mr. Wiley Jackson - the Social Studies teacher - were showing students how to cut onions.
Students cut onions following the teacher's instructions.
A student learned to peel the onions.
Another group of students were preparing the necessary ingredients for the sauce.
Students were focused on chopping the tomatoes.
Students tasted the sauce that they made.
The grilled tomatoes used for the sauce.
The final product of a group.