Congratulations Grade 8 students on your graduation and promotion to High School! TAS Grade 8 Mustangs sat for a monumental graduation ceremony in the morning of June 21, 2022, and we were so proud of their achievements they have made so far in Middle School. The ceremony was filled with beautiful memories from graduates’ musical performances, and meaningful messages from the Middle School-High School Principal as well as the Senior Speaker. The whole graduation experience ended with a fun after-party full of laughter and delicious food.

Grade 8 graduates posed for a photo before the ceremony.
Grade 8 graduates entered the Auditorium at the beginning of the ceremony.
Dr. Wanda McCullough - the Middle School-High School Principal - delivered a speech to the graduates.
A musical performance from the graduates.
Lam Quoc Anh (Andrew) - the Senior Speaker - delivered his meaningful speech to the graduates.
The ceremony continued with another musical performance from a trio of students.
The graduates took the stage to sing a class song together.
The after-party was filled with lots of photography opportunities.