Throughout the school year, TAS students were given a lot of opportunities to be more than just academic learners. Besides learning inside the classrooms, our students got to try and acquire a lot of other skills, one of which was baking. Let’s see how our Grade 7 students baked some delicious cookies back in the last days of the school year 2021-2022.

Some students were whisking the batter, ready for baking.
Some students' unbaked cookies were ready to be sent to the oven.
Students were showing how hard they had been working for the baked cookies.
Another group of students were showing their batch of unbaked cookies before putting it into the oven.
While another group was still whisking their batter.
The group was working together to prepare for baking.
A student was preparing her group's batch for baking.
While some other students were focused on finessing their batter.