Welcome to Middle School, Grade 5 Mustangs! TAS Grade 5 students enjoyed a beautifully done graduation ceremony last Friday, June 17, 2022, and we were so proud to see them officially moving on to the next chapter of their learning journey. The 5th grade keynote speakers’ speeches were among the highlights of the ceremony, as they reflected how our graduates have grown throughout the years in Elementary School. After the ceremony wrapped up, everyone spent some wonderful time enjoying delicious refreshments and exciting games together at the after-party.

Grade 5 graduates were enjoying the ceremony.
Part of the ceremony was a musical performance from the graduates.
Mr. Garth O'Donnell - the ECC-ES Principal - gave a meaningful speech during the ceremony.
One of the 5th grade keynote speakers was delivering her beautiful speech.
The graduates threw their hats to commemorate the graduation moment.
The students also showed their gratitude towards their teachers and teaching assistants with bouquets of flowers.
Freshly graduating students were having fun at the after-party.
Students lined up to play a game.