At TAS, we continuously enhance the quality of teaching, ensuring the core value of academic excellence as well as ensuring our students are well-prepared for their study abroad journey. According to the recent results released by the College Board, more than three quarters of students achieved 3 or higher scores.

✨Calculus AB: 3.86 (Global Mean Score 2.99)

✨Principles of Computer Science: 4.00 (Global Mean Score: 2.89).

✨English Language & Composition: 3.22 (Global Mean Score 2.82)

✨Macroeconomics: 4.40 (Global Mean Score 3.08)

✨Microeconomic: 4.00 (Global Mean Score 3.25)

✨Psychology: 3.62 (Global Mean Score 2.89)

These outstanding results highlight the dedication of our teachers and students, showcasing the quality of education at TAS. With impressive AP scores, more opportunities to study abroad and access to scholarships are widely available to students.

We’re proud of our students’ achievements and grateful for your ongoing support.

Unlocking the potential of students and cultivating AP skills to open the door of studying abroad in the United States and 60 other countries around the world with TAS.