Today is the last day of TAS Summer Program 2022, and the new academic year is fast approaching. We would like to take this opportunity to look back at another notable activity of our students before we enter a new school year. This activity is none other than the Arts Week exhibitions – a part of TAS Arts Week 2022. Our Mustangs’ artistic talent never ceases to amaze us. Let’s enjoy the marvelous works of art that Mustangs across different grades created!

Some still life paintings done by TAS students.
For ES students, they took inspiration from a foreign artist to create beautiful artworks that resembled real food.
Other food-resembling artworks by our ES students.
Who would have thought that this is not real ice cream?
Even pretzels were also a subject for art creation.
For Grade 8 students, their artworks reflect the optical illusions we often see.
Other optical illusions artworks from our students.
For our ECC kids, they made use of what is considered trash to create impressive artworks.