Today is the second day of the “Almost, Maine” performances from the Mustangs’ Playhouse, and it was equally memorable as yesterday. TAS learning community was thrilled to enjoy another set of plays about love, this time performed by new faces, which introduced more performing arts talents to the community. We will be missing these performances very much as TAS Arts Week 2022 is slowly coming to a close.

The play “Getting It Back” as performed by two other students.
The hug scene in “Getting It Back”.
“Her Heart” play was another highlight of today's performances.
Performers greeted the audience after the performances.
“Getting It Back” as performed by two other students in the afternoon.
Their hug scene was equally beautiful.
“Story of Hope” as performed by two different performers than the show yesterday.
The performers thanked the sound and lighting system management team for the success of the show.