Today marks the first day of our Playhouse Mustangs’ “Almost, Maine” official performances during TAS Arts Week 2022. TAS learning community was so thrilled to witness the performing talent of our Mustangs across different scenes of the production. “Almost, Maine” is an original work by John Cariani, comprising short plays that explore love and loss in a remote fictional town called Almost, Maine, and clearly, our stage performers channeled the emotions and thoughts of the characters brilliantly. Stay tuned for more “Almost, Maine” performances tomorrow.

A scene in the “Getting It Back” play.
“This Hurts” play moved the audience with a story regarding love and pains.
“Story of Hope” play was another highlight among the performances.
Performers gave the audience a bow after all the plays concluded.
“Getting It Back” as performed by another pair of performers.
A scene in “Where It Went” play.
The next play to wow the audience was “They Fell”.
Performers greeted the audience after the plays ended.