>> Summer Program offered for Kindergarten to Grade 5

TAS Summer School 2024 offers a comprehensive summer program that combines learning, fun-filled activities, and physical training, providing a safe and enriching environment for children. SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE!

What we have at TAS Summer School 2024

STEM VEX Robotics Summer Camp in the U.S: fostering creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

BGrow Summer Sports Camp: enhance physical fitness through boot camp, team building activities and sports training, including basketball, soccer and swimming.

Everest Education Summer Program: practice English, embrace cultural diversity, and cultivate global thinking with English, Physical Education and STEM.

Social Emotional Learning: learn how to face challenges, handle mistakes and develop a “Can-Do” mindset.

Registration deadline:

On campus: May 10 – May 31

Abroad program: May 10 – May 15

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>>Email: [email protected]

>>Phone number: (+84) 909 046 223