Yesterday was the start of TAS annual Spirit Week, and the theme of the day was “Twin Day”. A lot of our ECC & ES students, teachers, and teaching assistants celebrated this theme by “twinning” together in matching outfits. Let’s see how they looked!

Two Korean students were showing their "twinning" dresses.
Other two students were donning their Nike look.
The ECC teachers and teaching assistants posed for a photo in their twinning outfits.
Two students were showing their "twinning" sweaters, though in different colors.
Two more students were spotted wearing the same colored T-shirts.
ES teacher and ES Guidance Counselor also joined the "Twin Day" celebration.
Two TAS students brilliantly used TAS uniforms as their twin outfits.
The Kindergarten teacher and her teaching assistant were wearing the same Mickey Mouse T-shirts.