During today’s lunchtime, it was TAS Spanish studies students and teachers’ turn to embark on their Spanish culture field trip. The trip was the opportunity for them to explore and enjoy some delicious Spanish cuisine at Tomatito restaurant.

The experience started with a demonstration from the chef who showed TAS students how to make paella valenciana – a type of fried rice from Valencia, Spain – in a gigantic pan, and tortilla de patatas – which is a traditional potato omelette. Then, students and teachers proceeded to tasting to-die-for dishes, which included pan con tomate, gambas al ajilo, croquetas de Ibéricos,.. Big thanks to Tomatito restaurant for giving our students and teachers such a wonderful time with unforgettably amazing food and service.

The chef was showing how to cook paella valenciana on a gigantic pan.
The rice when it was slowly cooked.
Students watched the chef's demonstration keenly; some even filmed the demonstration.
After the demonstration, students started to dig in the meal.
This dish is called pan con tomate and was served as a starter.
Chorizo and salami was also served along with pan con tomate.
After finishing up the served dishes, students lined up to get a taste of paella valenciana.
The paella valenciana was cooked in the gigantic pan with chicken thighs.
Some students chatted with one another while waiting for their turn to get the fried rice.