Social-Emotional Support

Hello parents, students and teachers,

My name is Ly Nguyen, and I am the social-emotional counselor at The American School. I started this role in the beginning of November, 2017.

In my professional career, I have worked for three years for a nonprofit organization called Uplift Family Services. This organization partners with school districts to provide counseling services on site to schools in California. My services involved helping high school students struggling with depression, anxiety, and addiction problems. In addition, I facilitated group counseling meetings and educational classes for families who need guidance in parenting their children effectively.

I later gained more experience in the special education field by working as a paraprofessional to provide teacher support in a classroom of students with Autism and learning disabilities. After arriving in Vietnam in 2016, I collaborated with a developing NGO called Hope Unending to train community leaders counseling techniques in rural provinces to raise awareness and help combat human trafficking, gender inequality, and child abuse.

I hold Bachelor’s Degree in Intensive Psychology/Minor in Education from UC Santa Cruz, and Master’s Degree in School Counseling/Marriage Family Therapy Background from California State University, East Bay.

My role as social-emotional counselor is to provide a safe space for students (K-12th) to discuss any social or emotional problems that are interfering with their learning. Whether they are struggling with stress, personal issues, bullying, or conflicts with friends, students are welcomed to drop by my office during break/lunch time or ask their teachers to come see me for support. I also co-lead Parent Workshop monthly with the Student Learning Support Team to educate parents on requested topics that are relevant to helping students succeed in all areas.

My office is located in room B308. I hope to continue helping and supporting not just students, but parents and teachers in guiding their children and students to overcome any social-emotional obstacles that keep students from reaching their full potential at TAS.

Ms. Ly Nguyen
Social-Emotional Counselor K-12