Performing Arts

Drama and Performing Arts have always been both a joyful and educational extracurricular activity to many of The American School’s students. Staying faithful to our motto: “Developing Academic Excellence and Strength of Character”, The American School strives to develop our students’ character through comprehensive Performing Arts education where students are able to build teamwork and communication skills, develop creativity, and express themselves.

Throughout the years, TAS students have successfully performed on the big stage numerous musical productions based on the world-famous musicals, including “The Sound of Music”, “Loserville”, “Jump!”, “Rumours”, “Hairspray” and “High School Musical”. This academic year, the spotlight will shine on another of our students’ interpretations of well-known musicals: “Mama Mia”.

Our young company of performers – Urban Lights – also made headlines in the world’s stage with their trip to Perth Fringe World Festival in Perth, Australia in March 2019. A fringe festival is a festival of drama, dance and performance, and the Perth festival is the third largest fringe festival in the world. Urban Lights’ performance at this worldwide stage is called “Me. Asian?”, a play that explores how a generation of Asian teenagers navigate the clash between technology, the West and tradition and what it means to truly belong in the 21st century.

The story was told from the perspective of our students, educated in a Western system and permanently attached to the internet. Verbatim interviews taken from different generations of family members and the stories of the performers themselves have been interwoven with physical theater, cultural music and dance forms to create a storytelling experience unlike any other.