Parent Communication

Good parent/teacher communication is vital to the education process. A child who sees parents and school acting in partnership with his/her best interests in mind will have a more positive attitude toward school and learning than one who sees evidence of conflict between the two. Parents should first address matters of concern with the grade/subject teacher. If a satisfactory solution to any issue is not established, then the matter or issue should then be addressed further with the School Principal, if necessary. Please notify the School if your email address changes.

The following avenues for communication between parents and school are in place:

  • All teachers and administrators have school email addresses through which they can be contacted;
  • The Student Planner offers an avenue for parents to write short notes to teachers
  • The monthly school newsletters
  • The quarterly report cards
  • The twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences
  • Open House
  • The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  • PowerSchool
  • Annual Parents Evening
  • Parent Morning Coffee Conversation