Our very own Social Studies teacher – Mr. Dustin Robert – invited Saigon Print Shop to come to our campus and deliver a huge wood block carving workshop to TAS high school students last Friday, April 09, 2021. The workshop was such a memorable experience for our Mustang artists. We began the session with a presentation about Saigon Print Shop artworks and the processes behind printmaking with detailed slides and video clips.

After that, the students went into 3 classes with a printing studio outside, and they started to create their own designs using foam board and woodcut tools. The theme of the day was linked to the students’ current history project of “global issues”, and their print will go alongside an essay project.

Overall, everyone had a great day, and TAS Mustangs made some really beautiful artworks! Special thanks to Mr. Dustin Robert and Saigon Print Shop who made this experience possible to our students. TAS really hope we can collaborate again in the future!