Yesterday morning, TAS MSHS Mustangs attended the Mustangs’ Kick-off General Assembly 2022 – the first assembly of the new academic year 2022-2023. It was the opportunity for our new MSHS students to get to know the Senior Leadership Team, the faculty, and other personnel who will assist them in their new journey at Middle School-High School.

The assembly featured great musical performances from the students, as well as the much anticipated “Sorting Ceremony”, in which new MSHS students and teachers were sorted into 4 different Houses: Drakon, Centaur, Phoenix, and Pegasus. This was the most exciting part and the highlight of the assembly, which generated a lot of roaring sounds from the Houses as they welcomed their new members. Go Mustangs!

Members of the Drakon house at the start of the assembly.
The ice-breaker performance from the MSHS students and teachers.
The speech from the Head of School.
A new MSHS student performed for the first time on the TAS stage.
Members of the Drakon house celebrated their new members.
The leaders of the 4 Houses came on stage to welcome their new members.
Members of the Phoenix house roared as they welcomed their new members.
A teacher was welcomed into the Centaur house.