Although the 2021-2022 academic year has passed, it’s always a pleasure to look back at memorable moments during the school year, one of which is the MSHS students’ field trip to The Museum of Vietnamese History. We hope what our Mustangs learned on that day in the field trip will always stay with them no matter where their future learning journey takes them.

Students lined up and posed for a photo before entering the museum.
Students listened attentively to the curator's explanation.
The curator was demonstrating for TAS students to understand how people used the exhibited objects in the past.
The field trip went on with the exploration of another period in Vietnamese history.
Students continued to enjoyed the field trip under the curator's guidance.
A beautiful painting depicting a period in the Vietnamese history was explained in detail.
As part of the field trip, students were divided into groups for a group project.
The group project was an opportunity for students to learn how to work together outside classroom.