Middle School

TAS Middle School serves students in grades 6-8 (typically ages 11-14). We believe learners at this age need a unique blend of guidance, challenge, and opportunity to achieve their full potential. In addition to social emotional support provided by the faculty and the cognitive learning progressions embedded in the American content standards, the TAS Middle School experience is focused on empowering students to assume responsibility for their own learning.   

Units of study are based uniformly upon our adopted American content standards and developed utilizing the Understanding by Design (UbD) format. Our aim is to provide students with engaging, meaningful learning experiences that consistently require the students to be reflective, self-directed, and responsible for their contributions to the learning community.   

Middle School Academic Program 

Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 
Core Courses 
English 6 
Ancient Civilization 
Integrated Science 6 
Math 6 
Vietnamese Studies 6 
Physical Education 6 
English 7 
Medieval History 
Life Science 
Math 7 
Vietnamese Studies 7 
Physical Education 7 
English 8 
US History 
Physical Science 
Math 8 
Vietnamese Studies 8 
Physical Education 8 
Visual Arts 
Performing Arts 
Study Skills 
Exploratory Spanish 
Exploratory Mandarin 
Digital Arts 
Spanish I 
Mandarin I 

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