This morning, in TAS Auditorium, our students had a meeting with the Head of School and the Middle School-High School Principal to talk about the important issues as students are now back to school after a 2-week Tet Holiday. These issues included all COVID-19 safety precautions that need to be strictly followed and the changes in students’ schedule as they move on to Semester 2 of the 2021-2022 academic year. The meeting proved to be a valuable opportunity for students to have an open discussion with their academic administrators.

Students settled in their seats before the meeting started.
Students posed for a fun photo before the meeting.
The overview of the auditorium before the meeting.
Students chatted together before the meeting.
Some other students had a talk as they waited for the meeting to begin.
The Head of School started the meeting with a short talk.
The Middle School-High School Principal discussed with students about the change in schedule.
A student was posing her question to the Middle School-High School Principal.