TAS Mandarin Studies students and teachers embarked on a field trip to Haidilao restaurant today, May 5, 2022, and it was super fun! The trip was the opportunity for students to learn about the Chinese culture through its cuisine, represented by the tasty food that students and teachers enjoyed. During their meal, TAS Mustangs also witnessed the noodle dance and mask dance performances, done brilliantly by Haidilao staff, which reflected rich Chinese culture. The trip ended with a lucky draw that saw some lucky students get cute prizes.

Students were enjoying their meal.
Some chatted to catch up with their friends during the meal.
The signature noodle dance of Haidilao restaurant.
The start of the Haidilao mask dance.
The mask dance performer interacted with the students.
Another student did a fist bump with the mask dance performer.
A table full of delicious food for students to enjoy.
One lucky student was showing off his cute stuffed Peppa Pig prize.
Another student won a big stuffed mushroom.