Major School Events


Week Without Walls is TAS’ annual major studying event, in which TAS students have the opportunity to go on week-long field trips to different places in Vietnam or abroad. Through this event, our students can learn valuable lessons and gain wonderful experience outside the classroom, which is the aim of Week Without Walls. These lessons are believed to broaden the students’ perspective, and to create a comprehensive, holistic educational environment. 


STEM Day is an all-day event organized by TAS STEM Department and includes various activities for students to learn, play and discover subjects within STEM field. The day’s activities often are Science Fair, in which TAS students present their scientific research project; STEM day adventures around the school campus; physics machines competition; math competition, and a closing ceremony to award the best students in each activity. 


International Day is another TAS annual studying event, taking place within one day during an academic year. The day is the opportunity for each advisory class to present their knowledge about a country’s culture and foods to other students and teachers through a colorful celebration of the world’s diversity. International Day is often organized as a fair, in which classes are assigned booths to decorate and present noticeable information that makes different countries unique. 


TAS Hour of Code is our response to the Hour of Code global movement, a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts. With TAS Hour of Code, students from Elementary School to Middle School-High School have the chance to experience simple but interesting coding sessions during class hours and at home, opening their mind to the wonderful and magical world of coding and computer programming. 


This annual Christmas event has been TAS traditional Christmas celebration for the past few years. The event features vendors’ booths selling various products, foods and drinks, as well as some exciting activities for families to enjoy together.  

Santa Workshop is the place where families can capture beautiful moments via instant photos. With the Handmade Corner, kids and adults alike can learn to create hand-made Christmas accessories and decorations.  

Other wonderful activities in the past TAS Christmas Bazaars include Carton Maze, Glacier Challenge, and Archery Funshoot. Music is also a memorable part of TAS Christmas Bazaars, as students and teachers come together to perform various musical numbers for visitors. 


TAS Moon Festival celebration usually takes place during the assemblies of Elementary School (ES) & Early Childhood Center (ECC) and Middle School-High School (MSHS) and include lots of amazing performances from the students. For the ES & ECC assembly, kids often perform a short play centering around the theme of Mid-Autumn, while the MSHS assembly often features a wide range of performances, from mash-up dance, singing groups to play and folk dance. 


Tet Fair is another TAS’ seasonal celebration, highlighting the Vietnamese culture and introducing the beauty of Tet holiday to the diverse faculty and students. The event usually features various activities that are related to traditional Vietnamese Tet Holiday, such as coconut leaf folding, dough figurine making, nón lá painting, calligraphy, Tet music… with the traditional and delicious foods, including bánh chưng, bánh tét and bánh ướt. The most exciting and memorable activity of the Fair is the most spectacular Kung Fu Lion Dance, which captures many people’s attention and puts people in the mood for Tet.