Learning Support

The American School (TAS) admits students with moderate learning needs who are able to access and benefit from the educational program in a mainstream environment. Support is provided to students, teachers and parents in order to help students be successful in all areas of their lives. Learning support specialists either directly work with students using a push-in model, co-teach with subject/grade level teachers, and/or help teachers differentiate their instruction to maximize the learning for all students. When necessary, students will meet outside of class with a learning support specialist to acquire a skill needed to access the topic being studied or to address a behavioral concern.  

Learning support staff collaborates with teachers, parents, and students to identify issues that limit student success and meets with students to facilitate the creation of learning plans. All stakeholders receive communication about student goals, objectives, accommodations and/or modifications. In addition, the Learning Support Coordinator will make recommendations for additional evaluation services when necessary. The decisions in regard to individual learning support services are consistently based upon the student’s best interest.