High School

The TAS High School learning experience (Grade 9 – 12) is designed to provide students with the opportunity to reach their full academic and personal potential. We believe our students are preparing for a world that has yet to be defined and requires the skills to be creative, collaborative critical thinkers capable of confidently communicating their ideas in a multitude of ways.   

In addition to our goal of developing adaptable, reflective, and balanced lifelong learners, our curriculum is focused on preparing students for college and university acceptance. Each student receives the academic guidance to take the most rigorous course of study necessary for their individual needs, and students who successfully meet graduation requirements earn the TAS High School Diploma. TAS also offers the opportunity for students to earn college credit with successful completion of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The AP program at TAS offers a wide range of options to meet nearly any student’s academic interests, while at the same time affording the flexibility for a student to pursue a passion in a particular subject area, and the ability to take advantage of our many sports, fine arts, performing arts, and community service activities. 

Advanced Placement Courses 

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are one-year, university level courses culminating in a standardized college-level assessment. AP courses on a student’s transcript demonstrates that they’ve challenged themselves with the most rigorous courses available and are prepared for the rigors of college. In addition to the benefits on college applications, most four-year universities in the United States, and many other countries, provide opportunities to either earn college credit or skip introductory courses for qualifying AP exam scores. AP exams are two to three hours long, administered in May, and are made up of multiple-choice and free-response (essay) questions. 

AP courses are demanding and academically rigorous. Students must meet prerequisites and have a teacher recommendation before being scheduled into an AP course. Traditionally at TAS, these courses are open to students in Grades 11 and 12, with some exceptions for grade 10 students that have successfully demonstrated achievement in the prerequisite courses. All AP courses and instructors must be approved by the College Board©

**AP Courses are fee-based ($115) to cover the cost of the AP exam as well as additional course-specific classroom and student resources and materials. 

Course offerings vary from year to year and have included: 

  • Biology        
  • Calculus AB  
  • Computer Science 
  • English Language & Composition  
  • English Literature & Composition  
  • Human Geography  
  • Physics 1  
  • Psychology 
  • Statistics  
  • Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio  
  • World History  

High School Academic Program 

Common Core State Standards – ELA/Literacy 
AERO Social Studies Standards 
Common Core State Standards – Math 
Next Generation
Science Standards 
English 9 World Geography & Contemporary US History Algebra 1 Biology 
English 10 Contemporary Southeast Asian Studies Geometry Chemistry 
World Literature Modern World History Algebra 2 Physics 
Critical and Creative Composition Government Pre-Calculus Earth Science 
AP English Language & Composition Economics Calculus AP Physics 
Creative Writing AP Human Geography AP Calculus AB AP Biology 
 AP World History AP Statistics  
MANDARIN SPANISH VIETNAMESE *** EAL is offered to Grade 9 students only,
depending on the
student’s EAL assessment score. 
Mandarin 1 Spanish 1 Vietnamese 9 
Mandarin 2 Spanish 2 Vietnamese 10 
Mandarin 3 Spanish 3 Vietnamese 11 
  Vietnamese 12 
Art I: Intro to Art Guitar I: Intro to Guitar Intro to Theater Web & Game Design 
Art II: Intermediate Studio Art Guitar II: Intermediate Guitar Theater Studies Robotics 
Graphic Design AP Music Theory & Composition Performing & Acting Multimedia Journalism 
AP Studio Art Ensemble Music Performance TAS Theater Company Intro to Computer Science 
 Song Writing  AP Computer Science Principles 
Health Hip hop and Modern Dance 
Individual Sports Team Sports 

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