GIN Conference: TAS Students Showcase Excellence and Innovation

TAS Students Shine at the Global Issues Network Conference

The American School is thrilled to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students who participated in the recent Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference at the European International School.

Guided by Mr. David Hayter, our dedicated Social Studies Department Head and faculty advisor, the TAS delegation showcased remarkable passion and knowledge surrounding global issues. Their commitment and exceptional work filled us with immense pride.

A Round of Applause for Our Award-Winning Students:

  • Mai Bui, Grade 12: Sustainability Group – Best Leader Award
  • Jennifer Hoang, Grade 11: Equity Group – Best Member Award
  • Lynne Ngo, Grade 11: Wealth & Inequality Group – Best Member Award
  • Kairi Ngo, Grade 12: Biodiversity Group – Best Member Award

These exceptional students, along with all participants, deserve a heartfelt congratulations for their dedication and insightful contributions. Their passion for global issues truly embodies the spirit of The American School.

We extend a sincere thank you to our entire TAS community for your unwavering support in nurturing these bright minds. Together, we foster a vibrant learning environment and celebrate the potential young minds hold in creating a better world.

Congratulations to all our TAS GIN Conference participants!