Classes at The American School (TAS) are taught by a team of fully-certified American educators as well as instructors from other English-speaking countries and from international schools and universities around the world. Understanding of the needs of young people, enthusiastic about their subject areas and passionate about the process of learning, TAS teachers bring an international and global perspective to their classrooms, enabling students to connect and apply new information to their own lives as young people living in the dynamically changing Vietnamese society.

TAS faculty members believe that educating the whole child is a major responsibility of each professional staff member. Committed equally to the development of character as well as the academic growth of young people, TAS teachers seek to inspire their students to ask questions, inquire in an intelligent and disciplined manner, think critically about what they encounter in their daily lives and give thoughtful and creative expression to their ideas. Modeling the inquiry–research process, TAS teachers creatively introduce new ideas and information and design learning activities which allow students to research, discover and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

The instructional staff at The American School (TAS) is committed to the academic, artistic, social and personal growth of each student as an individual. TAS classrooms, labs and studios are student-centered environments where theory and practice are combined and young people are encouraged to explore their natural interests. In keeping with the principles of multiple intelligence (MI), students demonstrate their understanding through a wide range of expression, from writing and presenting formal reports, to creating, producing, and performing original compositions in music, dance, drama, and multi-media. Through a variety of teacher-directed activities, students learn responsibility as they build confidence in knowledge and language.