Elementary School

At TAS Elementary we are privileged to teach a diverse group of students from more than a dozen countries, the majority of whom are multilingual. We embrace the diversity of nationalities and languages as an opportunity for all to learn about new cultures and enjoy a variety of new experiences. We believe in engaging the full capacity of every student by encouraging the use of the native tongue, as needed, to explore the unknown while promoting the aggressive development of English language proficiency through full engagement with the content areas. 

TAS Elementary follows American content standards across the curriculum. Classroom instruction is in English, but consistently focused on differentiating learning activities that provide challenges for each child in her or his zone of proximal development. Student learning plans are created utilizing the Understanding by Design (UbD) format. Units of study are developed beginning with assessments which allow students to demonstrate mastery of the standards in a variety of ways and lead to holistic learning experiences, integrating subject areas and reflecting the world our students encounter every day.

In addition to the homeroom experience where students engage in the core subjects (math, English, social studies, & science) students also attend Vietnamese studies or Vietnamese as an Additional Language (VAL) classes to preserve the host country’s rich tradition and heritage. In addition, students attend specialist classes twice a week including: music, visual arts, physical education, and technology skills to provide a large variety of dynamic learning experiences.   

At TAS Elementary we strive to provide a safe place for all students to learn solid habits of mind, body, and character necessary for success! 

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