Early Childhood Center

Students at The American School Early Childhood Center (ECC) learn a variety of cognitive, social, and emotional skills from activities and lessons built around the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning Development Standards). The students begin their day exploring their outside Multi-Purpose Area which contains a rotating arrangement of play-based learning centers. Throughout the morning they enjoy MACT (Multi-Age Co-Teaching) lessons where the entire school and staff operate as one big family of learners. There is ample individual classroom time which allows them to learn next to other students of the same age and development range. Specials teachers are also available to them throughout the week, educating them in a variety of skills such as music, art, dance and swimming. They are encouraged to develop at their own pace and student-specific learning experiences are provided so each of them is supported and appropriately challenged. TAS ECC understands how crucial it is for young learners to feel comfortable and at ease in their environment and keep this goal at the forefront of all that we do. Although academics are a priority, the focus of the ECC is to increase each student’s independence, confidence, self-care, and awareness. We actively promote the contributions of every learner and seek to support the individual needs of every child. Please come by and meet our ECC family.