Dear TAS Families,

Please reference this page for all updates regarding any changes to our Learning Community regarding Covid-19 outbreak locations, new cases, news articles, and any disruptions that these factors may cause on campus. 

List of Outbreak Locations:

  • Transportation Hospital, Hung Vuong, Hong Bang

* Kim Thanh

– Kim Dinh and Kim Thanh communes

* Binh Giang

– Residential area in Thuong area, Ke Sat TT, Binh Giang

*Thanh Ha

– Neighborhood residential cluster below hamlet 9, village Lang Can 3, commune Thanh Lang, Thanh Ha

If you have not filled out the updated TAS Travel-Health Declaration form as of February 18th, please enter and submit your info by clicking below:  
If you have anything to report covid-related, if you answer “YES” to any of the questions within the declaration form and/or have any presenting symptoms listed on the form, please make contact with the TAS Medical Team by emailing the address below: