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Students and Parents! Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 School Year

Our goal is to get to know each student individually, find out their passions, and help them attain their goals. We will be bringing a variety of university representatives to the TAS campus as well as hosting many college fairs throughout Ho Chi Minh City. No matter what you or your child’s dream, we will work with them to achieve it for their future. 

Below are the graduation requirements for all high school students. Our objective is to help them choose the most rigorous academic program that also meets their personal interests and prepares them for the college or university of their choosing.    

Students struggling to meet the demands of our academic program are referred to the academic success program to provide additional support and learning resources.  

Thank you, and I look forward to a great year! 

Phillip Wenturine 
College Counselor

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Graduation Requirement

Credit Requirements

Students must register for courses as required to meet curriculum and school graduation requirements. A student must register for a minimum of 5.75 credits during each semester; exceptions to this will be allowed only by special permission by the Principal. Students must take and pass a core English and Math course per year. Credits are awarded based on contact hours; thus, year-long courses that meet every day are worth 1 credit, and semester-long courses which meet every day are worth 0.5 credits, etc. Any course taken beyond the number of credits required in a given subject area is regarded as an elective in that subject area.

Community Service Requirement


  • Every student must complete 20-25 hours of service per academic school year, totaling to 80-100 hours by graduation. Students will log this on account.
  • Community service hours are a graduation requirement.
  • Students cannot be paid for service.
  • Community Service can only take place before or after regular school hours.
  • All activities must have counselor approval and required paperwork must be signed and maintained by the student.

Examples of, but not limited to, eligible activities:

  • Fundraising for service clubs and charities.
  • Assisting with community events.
  • Assisting in a senior’s residence.
  • Coaching sports teams and helping to organize sports related activities with younger students.
  • Participating in environmental projects such as community clean up, recycling programs, building a community garden, planting trees, flowers.
  • Assisting with Brownies, Girl/Boy Scouts or other clubs. Not being a member, but helping with activities or events. If you are in the Scouts, you can count the specific community service you do with them as hours.
  • Tutoring students, offering craft, music, dance classes for students.
  • Helping with graduation ceremonies, dances.
  • Help your neighbor who may have difficulty leaving their home: clean the yard, take out the trash.
  • Summer volunteering projects abroad.
  • Volunteer in a leadership role with youth at your church, temple or religious affiliation.
  • Involvement with political initiatives to bring awareness to specific causes.
  • Volunteer at orphanages, social or animal welfare organizations.
  • Help with Parent Night, Back to School.
  • Participate in charitable initiatives; food drives, holiday drives for food or toys.

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