TAS Basketball Festival: Mustangs Ignite Their Passion for the Game

The American School (TAS) hosted a dynamic and enriching Basketball Festival last Sunday, offering students a unique opportunity to disconnect from electronics and engage in exciting sporting activities.

This energetic event provided a platform for our Mustangs to:

  • Train with esteemed coaches from B GROW, a leading sports organization in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Develop their basketball skills through insightful training sessions and technical guidance.
  • Foster a deeper passion for the sport through direct interaction with B GROW and like-minded peers.
  • Create lasting memories through friendly competition, sportsmanship, and shared experiences.

We invite our Mustangs to share their favorite aspects of the Basketball Festival in the comments below! Who inspired you the most? What activities or friendships made this day special?

A heartfelt thank you to the dedicated TAS sports faculty and the B GROW team for creating this impactful and engaging program.

The Mustangs’ journey continues! We eagerly anticipate the upcoming Football Tournament on December 10th in collaboration with Simple Football.