Unlock the door to studying abroad in the US or Canada through Advanced Placement (AP). This program empowers students to focus on their strengths, providing a tailored curriculum and affordable exam fees.

⚡College Credits Advantage

High school students have the opportunity to earn college credits while attending highschool. This serves as a significant advantage, reducing the workload and saving both time and costs.

⚡Enhance the quality of abroad application

Universities in over 60 countries worldwide consider AP scores as a basis for admission and scholarship decisions. Stand out with impressive AP scores and increase the chances of securing admission and scholarships.

⚡Deepen Passionate Pursuits

The AP program serves as a guiding light, offering students a clearer insight into their academic and career paths, fostering the early development of their future aspirations.

No need to study abroad at an early age, TAS offers a holistic international education in a professional setting allowing students to explore diverse subjects, challenging themselves to excel in areas they are passionate about.

Empower your child to dream high and soar to new heights. Contact us now to secure admission for the 2024-2025 academic year.