Ms. Nicole Burdick

English Department Head & English Teacher

  • BA Literature – Emory University
  • MSc Creative Writing – University of Edinburgh


I love learning, traveling and meeting new ideas. My greatest classroom has been people and places I’ve explored around the world. Most recently, I’m from Denver, Colorado in the United States. I taught in the public education scene for six years and the non-profit world, working with both adults and children, for many years prior to that. Over a decade as a freelance writer and a love of reading all things makes me perfectly suited for teaching. Plus, teenagers rock.


The literature classroom is a place we can explore the world through texts and all the cultures and histories they hold. Learning to read and express (writing and speaking) are core human characteristics. We value a great conversation, the opportunity to open our minds to a wide variety of ideas and possibilities – and that is exactly what a classroom can offer. A safe space to intellectually and academically explore is important. Texts are not just bound paper with letters; they are advertisements, art, newspapers, and songs among other things. Learning is an inevitable part of life. Even a rock learns its shape from a river. In the literature classroom we’ll see that argument, storytelling, and passing information are worth engaging in and honing our skills in preparation for now and what each child’s unique future holds.


I write and read, paint abstract stories, do crafty arts, and try to cook like I am from everywhere. Cheese is a food group and trees and spiders are my friends.