Last Friday, Santa Claus made a delightful appearance at the TAS community. Enchanting activities filled the air, bringing joy to every nook and cranny of TAS and leaving a lasting warmth in all Mustangs hearts.

TAS Community had a Christmas Celebration with Santa Claus and his Elves! A day of happiness, attracting activities, and tiny gifts must have created a wonderful atmosphere for everyone involved. The combination of fun melodies, intriguing performances, and enjoyable shopping activities likely added to the festive spirit, making Christmas at TAS even more special.

It’s heartwarming to hear that TAS students took the time to create Christmas cards for Blue Dragon and made a donation to Heartbeat Vietnam. Such acts of kindness and generosity contribute to spreading the holiday spirit and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Wishing all Mustangs a Merry Christmas and a happy Winter Holiday filled with warmth, joy, and memorable moments!