Basketball Festival

A day say bye electronic devices and spend all weekend day engaging in exciting sports activities with TAS. Last Sunday, Mustangs had an energetic and positively charged basketball training experience with B GROW.

Basketball Festival provided an opportunity for our students to directly interact with top coaches in the city, igniting inspiration and fostering a love for basketball. Mustangs learned new techniques, engaged in friendly exchanges with like-minded friends during this sports extravaganza.

Wrapping up a day of fun and wellness with B GROW and our dedicated sports faculty at TAS, the Mustangs have undoubtedly created special memories. What activities, coaches, or friends made this sports day memorable for you? ๐Ÿ’ฌShare your stories in the comments below!

A sincere thank you to the TAS sports faculty and B GROW team for creating a special program for this memorable Sunday.ย 

Mustangs, keep that youthful spirit alive as we look forward to the Football Tournament on December 10th with Simple Football!ย 

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