It’s been an incredible three days of real-world training with Real Madrid Clinic Saigon and the young talents have had the chance to live their football dreams to the fullest! Our young athletes have had the time of their lives, learning from passionate coaches and interacting with Real Madrid players.
The enthusiasm, excitement and joy with which these kids approached each training session were truly remarkable. Their smiles and laughter were infectious, creating a positive and vibrant training environment.
As we wrap up this incredible experience, we’re proud to announce that each of our young players will receive certificates of recognition for their dedication and hard work. These certificates are a testament to their commitment and passion for the sport.
TAS is very grateful to Real Madrid Clinic Saigon and its co-organizers for creating this meaningful program.
We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the coaches and players from Real Madrid who made this event possible. You’ve not only shared your expertise but also your love for the game, inspiring these young talents to chase their dreams.
Thank you to all the parents and supporters who have been part of this incredible journey.
Let’s continue to nurture the passion and talent of our youth, shaping the future of football together